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Science Week-2017 at BelSU

Traditional annual Science Week event has finished at BelSU

Science week has started on April, 12, Russian Cosmonautic Day, the day of the first piloted space flight made by Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin.

During this week, the university hosted more than 200 international events.

The first International Youth Scientific and Practical conference "Natural-science, engineering and economic researches in the equipment, the industry, medicine and agriculture" was organized by BelSU Institute of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

This day students were addressed by the BelSUs guest of honor the academician of RAS, the director of the Federal research center "Informatics and Management" of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the research supervisor of BelSU Institute of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Doctor of Engineering, professor Igor Sokolov. More than 200 reports of students, graduate students, young scientific NIU "BELGU", and school students of the Belgorod region have been presented and discussed at section meetings of a conference.

At department of histology of BelSU Institute of Medicine, the student's conference dedicated to urgent problems of morphology and histology has taken place. Both the Russian, and foreign students from India, Nigeria, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras of Institute of Medicine and Preparatory department of Institute of Cross-cultural Communication and International Relations have taken part in "Morphology" section.

More than one thousand students, graduate students and young scientists of BelSU have participated Science Week-2017, more than 150 participants have been awarded with certificates of honor for the best reports. Following the results of a conference, the release of the annual collection of student's scientific works "SNO-2017 Bulletin" will be published.

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