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Students of BelSU met an outstanding scientist

Corresponding member of RAS in Medicine, ProfessorMikhail Mikhailov, MD has visited BelSU Institute of Medicine

Honored guest was introduced to students and teachers by Deputy Dean of Medicine and Prophylaxis Department Vladimir Fetter. He noted that meeting with a scientist of such level is a great opportunity to encounter the latest achievements of modern scientists.

According to the academician Mikhail Mikhaylov, the problem of a viral hepatitis remains one of the most serious in domestic and world virology and practical health care.

Mikhail Mikhaylov gave the lecture "History of Viral Hepatitis studying". The emphasis was laid on evolution of studying of a viral hepatitis, a role of researchers in obtaining new information on this infection. Attention was also paid to a contribution of domestic scientists in researches of a viral hepatitis.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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