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Migration in the center of attention

Questions of a research of demographic processes in a border-zone have been discussed at BelSU

Staff of laboratory of demographic processes research of Institute of BelSU Institute of management, and Center of social demography of ISPI RAS and Institute of border cooperation and integration have acted as organizers of a scientific seminar. Within a series of scientific events the lecture of the doctor of science, director of the Center of the Russian researches of University of Eastern Finland Yoni Virkkunin dedicated to questions of border interaction of Finland and the adjacent states, and the analysis of level of European borders openness has taken place.

Within the plenary session the corresponding member of RAS, the head of the Center of social demography Sergey Ryazantsev has acted as one of speakers. Together with the doctor of science, the representative of university of Arizona Rachael Vilson he has submitted the report "Three models and three failures: how "strengthening" borders results in decreased security in Russia, Europe, and the United States". In this research, the comparative analysis of models of border interaction in Russia, Europe and the USA has been carried out.

The doctor of science, the representative of University of Eastern Finland Minna Johanna Piippionen has dedicated her report to questions of migratory safety in the Arctic zone. At the session "Migration in a border zone: political disintegration and humanitarian integration" the questions of border interaction and its form have been raised. The manager of department of social technologies of Institute of management of BelSU Victor Sapryka has acted as the speaker.

In conclusion, organizers of the event have expressed gratitude to participants for hard work, and have emphasized need of carrying out further researches of migratory processes for a border zone.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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