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BelSU participates in the federal project of the Ministry of Health, "Economical policlinic"

Engineering School of BelSU together with department of health care of the Belgorod region helps to realize the project of the Ministry of Health of Russia "Economical policlinic"

Now at BelSU engineering school, the team from three policlinics of Belgorod study basic concepts and tools of lean technologies in medicine, estimate their opportunities for increasing efficiency of processes, especially in the conditions of the increasing requirements to quality of medical services. The teams consist of heads of medical institutions, the senior medical personnel, specialists of help and dispatching services.

The medical staff tries to understand what tools can use in the activity to optimize work of institutions, to increase her quality, to find and solve the existing problems, the director of NOT BelSU Engineering school Elena Sidorenko has told.

BelSU engineering school developed the program of additional professional education and professional training for doctors of policlinics, which is called "Economical policlinic".

Staff of policlinics will be trained at university for a week. Before September they need to introduce system of economical production in the policlinics. Then the experience will be extended to other medical institutions of the region.

She has also noticed that the system of economical production has no temporary restrictions. It is the program of constant improvement and development, transformation in minds and feelings of people. An important role in this system is played by the employees understanding of the mission of the enterprise. Workers need encouragement for useful recommendations in work, to reveal failures in system and to correct them.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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