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Students of the Institute of Cross-cultural Communications and International Relations (ICCIR)  presented the BelSU on international educational projects

The XV Austrian-Russian summer college took place in St. Petersburg. Under the guidance of experienced teachers recruited from Austria, and Russian teachers from Russian language Centre of St. Petersburg State Transport University, 20 Austrian and 20 Russian students that have passed the strict competitive selection, put into practice their knowledge of German and Russian languages. Among these participants was the 4th year student of BelSU Daria Mayorova. Participants were asked to prepare projects covering various of Russians and Austrians life.

- There were ten projects, - said Darya Mayorova. - My team presented the holidays. We told the Austrians about the Russian holidays, and the guys from Austria told me about the holidays in their country. The classes were different. We were repeating the grammar, learning new words and so on.

The Russian-Austrian summer school "Tandem-2017" was held in Moscow with the support of the University of Applied Sciences (Burgenland, Austria) and the Moscow city pedagogical University. 35 students from Austria, studying Russian language, and 35 students studying German participated in the school. BelSU was represented by the 4th year student of the ICCIR German Department Alena Evtushenko.

The participants studied the language not only with teachers but also with peers from another country. Classes were held in the form of conversations 30 minutes in the Russian language and the same time in German. The presentation of the region was the major topic of the project. Alena presented the rural tourism in the Belgorod region.

 O. Kuzmina, head of the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology and Cross-cultural Communication


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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