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Dimitriu Pedagogical dynasty

The meeting of students with the great-granddaughter of the director of the Belgorod teacher's institute Alexey Dimitriu Natalia Potanina has taken place in the BelSU History Museum  

Employees and members of student council of BelSU History Museum became organizers of the event for students of historical and philological faculty of Teacher training college.

The meeting with the Doctor of Philology, professor of the Tambov state university, the participant of the international Cognitive linguistics Congress at BelSU Natalia Potanina was dedicated for 160-year anniversary since the birth of Alexey Dimitriu and University Day. Alexey Dimitriu (1857-1925) is a teacher, the researcher of the Byzantine history, the director of the Belgorod teacher's institute from 1906 to 1913. The staff of BelSU History Museum cooperates with A. Dimitriu's great-granddaughter.

Manager of BelSU History Museum Irina Denisova made a report about the A. Dimitrius life and research, based on documents and photos from archives of the Russian Federation and personal family archive of N. Potanina.

Natalia Potanina has shared the remained family reminiscence about Alexey Konstantinovich, about his life in Belgorod and service at the Belgorod teacher's institute which were of particular interest at participants of a meeting. She has also noted Alexey Konstantinovich Dimitriu's work in the Belgorod pedagogical club which was initiated by him in 1910.

Natalia Potanina has brought originals of photos of teaching staff of the Belgorod teacher's institute from 1906-1913, thereby has given students a unique opportunity to touch history.

  Irina Denisova, Victoria Liu-Ku-Tang

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