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Awards of Science Festival

Students and teachers of BelSU were awarded at the V Regional Science Festival

More than 50 events took place at BelSU, including Stary Oskol branch: students conference Modern management systems, Research of BelSU Stary Oskol branchs scientists, interactive ground of educational and research physiological lab Methodics of physical well-being research, lecture of professor of Moscow State Linguistic Univercity Alexander Eudokimov etc.

For the third year in a row, chemists of BelSU gave a "Chemical Landing" master class, which always attracts keen interest from both school students, and university students. This year together with undergraduates Elena Oleynits, Anna Lyubiva and Tatyana Nesterenko the command of "Chemical landing" was presenrted by first-year students: Anastasia Biryukova, Anna Dudina, Dmitry Vlasov, Marina Stativko and Victoria Ignatyeva.

Undergraduate Anastasia Konovalova presented an exhibition of the general chemistry department and food technology department: "Biologically active agents and food on their basis".

At the festival of science, the results of a regional photo contest "Science in one shot" have been summed up. Students of BelSU received prizes in almost all nominations. In the Individual competition nomination "Window to Science" the third place went to a photo project "Night trajectories" of the BelSU student Ekaterina Bystrova. In the Science in Focus" nomination the third place went to the photo project "You thought it is a microbe, didnt you? No, just succinite calcium crystals by graduate student of BelSU Diana Martseva.

In the same nomination in the theme "How Ive invented the Bicycle, or the Inspired Pioneer" all prize-winning places were distributed between representatives of BelSU. First place was won by the photoshoot "The young genius" by the student Lilith Muradyan, the second place photoshoot "A river source as the beginning of a way to the world of knowledge" by the student Ekaterina Bystrova and the third place was given to the work "Careerist" by the associate professor of philology of BelSU historical and philological department Natalya Goleva.

In the Team championship the second place was taken by photoshoot "A&J" by students of BelSU Anjelica Borzova and Yulia Kelioglu.

Winners of a competition have been awarded at the opening ceremony of the V Regional festival of science at the Belgorod University of cooperation, economy and the right.

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