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Developing cooperation between universities

Delegation from BelSU visited Karlov University (Prague, Czech Republic)

The director of BelSU Institute of Medicine Vladimir Kulikovsky, the head of Magistracy Development Officedepartment of development of a magistracy and professional training Irina Shumakova and the head of Pharmaceutical Technology Department Elena Zhilyakova have met the Head Karlov University Pharmaceutical Department Analytical Chemistry Subdepartment, Prof. Pyotr Solikh, the dean of the department, professor in the field of organic chemistry Tomasz Shimulek and the research associate of Pharmaceutical Department Analytical Chemistry Subdepartment, the graduate of BelSU Maria Halikova.

Participants have discussed creation of the laboratory and regulatory base for carrying out joint research and development of forms of network interaction in the field of master and postgraduate preparation, including joint educational programs with a possibility of obtaining the double diploma, and questions of development academic mobility programs.

The delegation of BelSU has met the vice-rector on international relations of the university Milena Kralikova and discussed expansion of opportunities of pilot studies; organization and carrying out summer international schools, seminars, conferences, symposiums and international professional teachers training.

Following the results of a visit the memorandum of cooperation and implementation of the program of the joint management of graduate students in a following postgraduate study courses were confirmed: 33.06.01. Pharmacy. Technology of receiving drugs, 33.06.01 Pharmacy. Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognozy and development of the international side of a magistracy program 18.04.01 Chemical technology. Industrial technology of drugs.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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