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Lawyers route from Belgorod to Belgrade

The delegation of BelSU Institute of Law has visited the Belgrade University (Serbia)

Director of Legal institute professor Evgeny Tonkov and the vice director, the associate professor of civil law and process Elena Tsukanova became a part of the delegation. As Evgeny Tonkov told, eight thousand students study at the law department of the Belgrad university, which was founded in 1808 and one of the largest in Europe. Taking into account that since 2013 Belgrade university have been the partner university of BelSU, the director of Legal institute Evgeny Tonkov and the dean of of Belgrade university Law Department professor Sima Avramovich has signed the additional agreement providing the academic exchange of teachers and students and also implementation of the joint educational program for masters.

According to Evgeny Tonkov, the system of the higher education in Serbia significantly differs from the Russian one. Law department of the university has rights of the legal entity, independently develops educational standards which are approved by the Academic council of higher education institution and don't demand coordination with the Ministry of Education of Serbia.

During the stay in Belgrade delegation of BelSU has been acquainted with infrastructure of the university, has visited the museum of the outstanding scientist Nikola Tesla.

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