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Blood Donor Day took place at BelSU

Students and staff of BelSU took part in charity event

Blood donor day took place at Belgorod state university. Students, volunteers of the donor project "DonorSearch Belgorod" has organized the project together with Belgorod regional blood transfusion station.

About 50 students and members of university staff have participated in the event. More than 20 liters of blood have been collected. Firstly, the blood was collected form all recurrent donors the staff of the university and senior students, among them there was Honourable donor of Russia Margarita Zakomornaya.

The project manager of "DonorSearch Belgorod" Tatyana Ilyinova thanked volunteers and students of Institute of Economy in particular, for active participation in the project. Tatyana has noted that all participants of the event would be listed in the All-Russian general base of donors on the Belgorod region and will be able to give blood to every person in need.

After blood donation donors have acquired the right for two days off. Collected donor blood will be directed to a research, and would be ready for use half a year later.

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