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BelSU and BSU strengthen the cooperation

Professor of BelSU Aleksandr Korochenskiy gave a course of lectures at Belarusian State University Institute of Journalism

Within the contract on cooperation between BelSU and BSU for ten years the faculty of journalism maintains friendship with colleagues from Belarusian State University. For these years regular exchanges of scientific publications, speakers at the conferences held in Minsk and Belgorod have been adjusted.

In October by the invitation of the Minsk colleagues professor of BelSU Journalism Department Alexander Korochensky visited BSU Institute of journalism. He has given a course of lectures to graduates of a bachelor degree on media criticism new discipline which introduction in educational process begins at the Belarusian state university. Alexander Korochensky has transferred the electronic educational anthology of media criticism developed by him to the Belarusian colleagues and has held the seminars dedicated to topical issues of journalistic criticism of mass media.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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