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The 19th dissertation board was opened at BelSU

New dissertation board for biological and medical sciences was opened at BelSU

By the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation creation of council for protection of theses for a degree of the candidate of science, for a degree of the doctor of science at the Belgorod state national research university D 212.015.17 on scientific specialty 14.01.30 Gerontology and geriatrics (biological sciences, medical sciences) was permitted.

Since 2012 the course "medical sciences" (the specialty Gerontology and geriatrics) is available at BelSU. BelSU Institute of Medicine study problems of aging and improvement of delivery of health care. BelSU closely cooperates with the leading Russian medical universities, research centers and with the foreign universities. Thanks to implementation of joint scientific projects the international approaches in the field of carrying out scientific research on a problem of a senile asthenia are for the first time introduced in practice of the Russian medical science. In four last years two doctoral and seven master's theses in a Gerontology and geriatrics were written and defended, and 14 doctors of science on a profile of council work at BelSU.

We have very close connection with practical institutions of health care system and social protection of the population. Our teachers are curators of implementation of joint projects of various level. Integration of scientific research in the field of gerontology and geriatrics in practical health care allows to receive data, modern, important for the national economy, and to effectively introduce them. Opening of dissertation council, undoubtedly, will promote vigorous formation of a new innovative cluster in the field of gerontology and geriatrics in the region and will strengthen its scientific and innovative infrastructure. We hope also that opening of the dissertation board will allow to attract new young scientific shots in process of scientific research which will be engaged in creation of new clinical and social gerontological technologies, the vice director for scientific work of BelSU Institute of Medicine Nina Zhernakova commented.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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