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Sociologists of the university took part in the international sociological marathon of VCIOM

The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (ARPORC) carried out the sociological marathon dedicated to the 30th  anniversary of the company

The sociological marathon is a new format of an educational seminar, a unique opportunity for young researchers from different regions of Russia and foreign countries to participate in a professional dialog with leaders of branch in real time by means of a teleconference. The Belgorod State University became one of participants of this event. The marathon interested students, graduate students, young teachers and researchers in the field of sociology and also other specialties connected by social studies: there were political scientists, economists, psychologists, historians, philosophers, journalists.

Students and scientists of BelSU could learn what directions of researches select what methods and technologies implement flagships of the market; to understand what will become of the researchers tomorrow and how to become a demanded specialist, what competences to develop and what to study to correspond to a request of employers; They also got acquainted with leading experts of the research industry and received responses to the most important issues first-hand.

Leading experts VCIOM and the partner companies became key speakers of a marathon: principal of VCIOM Valery Fedorov, representative of the Valdai club Andrey Bystritsky, sociologist of FOM Larisa Pautova, representative of the American branch of VCIOM Olga Kamenchuk, speaker from the Brand Analytics company Vasily Cherny, specialist of the marketing research organization Wanta Group Maria Shcherbal. The leading analyst Andrey Dyomin spoke on behalf of the Russian President Administration.

This is a strikingly significant event for all researchers using a sociological arsenal in the practice, the manager of department of sociology and the organization of operation with youth of BelSU Inna Shapovalova reported. Such meetings with the leading federal and international venues allow "to synchronize watches", to understand whether you keep up to date, to set the research and methodical tasks to themselves.

We conduct many researches, using different methods and approaches therefore there was a lot of information we have already known, the first year undergraduate of Sociology direction Irina Protasova said. Unfortunately, some new forms of researches in this sphere are not always available to us as they require certain attachments in the software, but we hope to equip the Centre of sociological researches with everything necessary over time.

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