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Opportunities for the publication of student's scientific works extend

The association of Internet publishers has published a guidebook for higher education institutions concerning the open publication of student's researches

The book is based on experience of higher education institutions, which publish final qualification works. In its appendix whole information on a subject is given, beginning with repository development, and ending with examples of necessary documents, including the students consent for publication. The guidebook also describes possibilities of interaction with the Nauchniy Correspondent platform.

According to authors of the book, the most important and difficult is to decide on openness which actually is not danger, but the advantage, and open new opportunities for the university including interaction with the industry, the state and society.

We hope that this guidebook will be able to answer all questions arising at higher education institutions and to expand practice of the open publication in Russia, the project manager Ivan Zasursky said.

One of the significant questions arising at higher education institutions deals with the choice of the publishing platform. There are several simple ways the software with an open source code (for example, DSpace which is already actively used in Russia and abroad, and serves as a repository of the Belgorod state university), the Russian developments (in particular, the Vernsky) and free aggregator "Nauchny Correspondedn" operated by the Association of Internet publishers and available for both higher educational institutions and graduates.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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