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Conquerors of "IT Planet"

Students of BelSU cleared the selection at the international competition "IT Planet"

11 students and graduate students of BelSU Institute of engineering technologies and natural sciences have succeeded to the second round of the prestigious competition "IT Planet". Dmitry Veselin, Kirill Skubnikov, Yury Kiselyov, Irina Druzhkova, Vladislav Grigorenko, Vladislav Krivchikov, Alyona Likhvar, Darya Yatsynyuk, Denis Batishchev, Olga Kizilova and Zarina Ambalova have successfully undergone online testing and were invited to the second selection stage of competitions where they should solve practical problems from potential employers partners of the Olympic Games. Students and graduate students of BelSU have shown the best results in the nominations "Programming", "Cloud Computing and Databases", "Telecom" and also on the competitions "Robofabrika" and "Administration of Linux" at the stage of online testing.

The IT Planet is the annual international competition dedicated to identification and support of the capable students and young specialists of the IT sphere.

This year 19948 people from 996 educational institutions participate in the event. Participants represent 12 countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Finland and Czech Republic.

The results of the second round of the competition "IT Planet" will be summed up in March, 2018.

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