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Viva, students!

In the concert hall of BelSU Social and Theological Department the interuniversity student's ball dedicated to Russian Students Day was held

The ball became a good tradition of St. Tatiana Day a day of all Russian students. Among organizers are BelSU Youth Cultural Center, heads of creative associations of the university and a student's asset of the city of Belgorod.

Participants and guests of a ball were welcomed by the vice rector for cultural and educational activity of BelSU Svetlana Ostrikova.

Svetlana Ostrikova has noted that the ball became the culmination of all festive events of the day, and united the best students of all higher education institutions of the Belgorod region.

Couples have performed various dances among which a polonaise, polka, the Vienna waltz, a pas-de-Grasse, krakowiak, a figured waltz, a minuet, a big waltz, blues and play games.

In conclusion Svetlana Ostrikova has handed letters of thanks to heads of on-stage performance groups.

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