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World cancer day

Specialists of BelSU Healthcare Center have told about prevention of cancer

Statistically for several last years the number of oncological pathologies has considerably increased in Russia. In our country the greatest percent of oncology is fixed in regions with strongly developed industry and caused by environmental problems. However the causes of cancer are still unknown for certain. Now there are several scientific points of view. The most known of them are:

- physical factors radiation, ultraviolet;

- chemical factors cancerogenic substances;

- biological factors some dangerous viruses.

The latest researches have shown that 70-90% from all cases are provoked by an adverse ecological situation. It is possible to lower this percent following simple rules.

1. Healthy nutrition. Species of plants (green peas, cabbage) which contain chlorophyll in large numbers and increase organisms resilience to tumor development. Carrots, apricots, citrus fruit, tomatoes containing carotinoids, to raise the immune are capable to destroy Free radicals in lipids. Vegetables and fruit containing anthocyanin are antioxidants and neutralize free radicals, cure inflammatory processes, make active organism resources on resistance to carcinogens, viruses.

2. Physical activity.

3. Emotional stability.

4. Ecological situation.

Read the full version of article on the website of BelSU Healthcare Center. http://polyclinic.bsu.edu.ru/uprav_zdor.php

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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