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BSNRU Scientists Impress Local Engineers

The leaders of several local engineering firms, all members of the Belgorod Regional Association of Mechanical Engineers, visited the 'Technopark' advanced technology centre at the University and discussed the prospects for general cooperation between business and academia.

On their tour of the Technopark, the businessmen familiarised themselves with the advanced equipment and learned of the scientific developments made by the University's research laboratories and small innovative enterprises.

They were guided around the facility by some of our leading scientists. Damir Tagirov, Sergey Sergeev and Yury Maslakov demonstrated the capabilities of the laboratories which they ran and took their guests around our experimental facility, showing them the Mechanical Test Laboratory at the Centre for Collective Use of Technological Equipment, the Mechanical Properties Laboratory and the production site of the 'Electronic Systems' Technological Systems Research Laboratory.

Damir Tagirov, the head of the Centre for Collective Use of Technological Equipment, explained how the system operates, from researching the properties of materials through to the developing of new properties. He illustrated this by listing the innovations currently being introduced into production by Russian businesses that work with the University. This was much appreciated by our guests, who expressed their interest in working with our scientists and becoming partners of the University.

After the tour, BSNRU hosted a positive discussion on mutually beneficial cooperation which brought together industrialists, scientists and representatives from technical universities and colleges across the region.

BSNRU Rector, Professor Oleg Polukhin opened the meeting by recalling that an agreement on cooperation between the University and the Belgorod Regional Association of Mechanical Engineers already exists. The Rector went on to say that it is necessary to combine the latest scientific innovation with actual production, and in order to do that it is necessary to work more closely with private partners. University experts should be brought in to study the industry's problems, and those industries must be made aware of the research conducted by the University.

A protocol was signed at the end of the meeting which reflected all the proposals made. All parties decided to create a working group that will include representatives from local businesses and scientists from the University, who will identify production and technological problems and work on solutions in partnership.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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