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BSNRU Scientific Projects Garner Top Awards in St Petersburg

A team from our University gave a presentation at the 'High Technology. Innovation. Investments (HI-TECH)' international trade fair in St. Petersburg

The exhibition was held at the EXPOFORUM Centre as part of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair. Projects by the Institute of Engineering Technology and Natural Sciences, the International Research and Education Laboratory of Radiation Physics, the Laboratory of Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured and Heat-Resistant Materials, the Laboratory for the Problems of Development and Implementation of Ion-Plasma Technologies, and the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering were presented at the exhibition.

Our projects were entered into the 'Best Innovation of the Year' and the 'Best Scientific and Technical Development of the Year' categories at 'HI-TECH 2018'. 'The method of obtaining a three-dimensional panoramic image and a device for its implementation' project was awarded an Honorary Diploma, winning a gold medal.

According to Anna Mogucheva, the Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured and Heat-Resistant Materials at the Research Institute, the innovation is found in the saving of costly alloying elements while maintaining electrical conductivity and performance parameters and at the same time creating resource and energy saving wire rod production technology. The implementation of the technology by the Tsvetlit Company will provide for the industrial production of wire rod from economically alloyed aluminium alloy with increased performance in heat resistance, electrical conductivity, plasticity and strength, benefiting both domestic and foreign cable manufacturers and electrical industries.

Three other projects were awarded with Honorary Diplomas. These were projects on friction welding with aluminium alloy mixing in disc manufacturing for automotive wheels, the creation of a new biomineral fertiliser for the restoration of soil fertility, and the development of a wear-resistant coating for cutting tools, designed for the high-speed processing of hardened and high-manganese steels.

Our University was awarded an Honorary Diploma for 'Active Participation in and Contribution to Development in the Scientific Sphere' in recognition of our continued support for and active participation in the HI-TECH exhibitions.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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