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Our Medical Students Win Prizes at the 'Golden MedSkill' Pan-National Competition

Students from the Institute of Medicine took part in the 6th Russian Students' 'Golden MedSkill' Olympiad on Practical Medical Training.

'Golden MedSkill' was held in Moscow, at the Clinical Simulation Centre at the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. 54 teams from universities in Russia and abroad took part in this year's competitive program. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and the Medical League of Russia all co-sponsored the event.

The Olympiad was divided into several contests and included a creative competition of video presentations by participating teams. The competitions were named according to the skill-sets they were concerned with: 'NurseSkill' (nursing skills); 'UrgentSkill' (emergency medical care); 'ResuscitationSkill' (cardiopulmonary resuscitation); 'X-RaySkill' (X-Ray interpretation); 'ECGSkill' (the collection and interpretation of electrocardiograms); and 'CommunicationSkill' (working with patients).

Team 'BelMed', from BSNRU's Medical Institute, demonstrated the benefits of their theoretical and practical training by working as an efficient team with clear intent. Thanks to this, they were placed, and also received a special prize from the Medical League of Russia for 'Teamwork and the Will to Win'.

A team led by Dr Maria Gayvoronskaya, Department Heads Dr Nina Zhernakova and Dr Olga Efremova, and Dr Andrei Nagorny, who runs the Simulation Centre, played a crucial part in preparing the students for the competition. Our student team was captained by Chakar Amirkhanova, a 6th year student, with Ekaterina Kulakova, Vladislav Moskalenko and Anna Terekhina, all 5th years, and Anastasia Brizhaneva, a 4th year, making up the rest of our successful team.

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