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Professor Voloshina Presents Her Latest Research to the Educators of Russia

Professor Lyudmila Voloshina attended the 5th Moscow International Education Fair (MIEF-2018).

The Fair was hosted at the National Economic Achievement Exhibition (known as VDNKh) in Moscow. Professor Voloshina, from the Pedagogical Institute's Preschool and Special Needs Education Department, delivered her report at the invitation of the Ministry of Defence's Federal Centre for Organisational and Methodological Support for Physical Education, and the Russian Textbook Corporation.

The paper, called 'Physical Education in the System of Preschool, General Secondary, and Higher Education' was given during an interactive session, and explained the role of Belgorod Region's preschool institutions in designing individual and group strategies for the physical education of preschool children. Professor Voloshina demonstrated the techniques that she had developed, and talked about the Region's experience in creating a variable system of physical education for preschool children based on these techniques. Participants also discussed the problems around the physical education of children with disabilities and also gifted children, with particular focus on the RWD program (Readiness for Work and Defence). In Pestalozzi Hall, Professor Voloshina spoke on the real-world problems of raising a healthy preschooler, and discussed the extent to which it was possible to match theories in pedagogical science with practical solutions in this area.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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