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BNRU Stary Oskol Garners Praise from Regional Rectors

BNRU Stary Oskol has hosted a Regional meeting of the Council of Rectors of Higher Educational Institutions

The educational leaders discussed the experience BNRU Stary Oskol had of interacting with its parent university, and its role at municipal and regional level, in training personnel for local municipalities. Before the meeting, the guests visited an exhibition where they were shown teaching methods and practices used at BNRU Stary Oskol, before touring the campus. The guests then visited the 'Bank' Business Simulation Centre, met local government officials and visited a lesson on Pedagogy and methods of teaching the Russian language.

When the meeting convened, Dr Tamara Belikova, Director of BNRU Stary Oskol, gave a presentation on the origins and development of BNRU Stary Oskol, and the close working relationship it has with its parent University in implementing a modern model of personnel training for municipalities. She said that BNRU Stary Oskol was established from an existing pedagogical college with the support of Regional Governor Evgeny Savchenko, and was now among the leading higher education institutions in the teaching of Humanities. She said that,

Over the past few years, we have grown from a small Pedagogical Institute into a large branch of BNRU, with its own traditions and well-established organisational structure that ensures the quality of training of qualified specialists. A systematic interaction with BNRU has been observed in recent years on the basis of legal contracts, and in accordance with the clear management structure as laid out by Professor Oleg Polukhin, the Rector of BSNRU. Our educational activity is manifested in four specialties, eight disciplines and fifteen courses.

At this moment in time, we have more than two thousand students. Most graduates go on to work at enterprises and organisations within the Stary Oskol Municipality.
Professor Polukhin added that BNRU Stary Oskol is continually developing, and currently meets all the requirements placed on universities by the Ministry of Education and Science, and is overseen by the Academic Council and the University Administration. He said,

The Council of Rectors has not selected BNRU Stary Oskol at random for this regular meeting. This is an excellent opportunity for university administrators to become better acquainted with the organisation of the educational and scientific process here, and with the way a branch and a parent university interact. BNRU Stary Oskol is an integral part of the University. We are learning from the best practices of Stary Oskol in Belgorod, and in turn, BNRU Stary Oskol actively uses our experience in the organisation of their educational process.

Professor Anatoly Gridchin, President of Belgorod National Technical University, and Chairman of the Regional Council of Rectors, had high praise for BNRU Stary Oskol. The Council recommended that its members study the practice of interaction between BNRU Stary Oskol and its parent university, and use that knowledge in their own work.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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