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The Rector Fosters International Educational Ties

Senior BNRU administrators have been discussing the University's prospects for closer ties to Uzbekistan and China during the 3rd Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Universities Youth Forum.

The meetings served to assess the existing relationship between BNRU and SCO partner universities, and outline the way forward.

Dr Vladislav Kuchmisty, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Dr Igor Konstantinov, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, and Dr Mikhail Trubitsyn, Deputy Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, met with Zakir Zaitov and Damir Mamatkulov, respectively Director of Policy and Under-secretary from the Uzbek Embassy, as well as Dr Lutfullo Yeziev, Vice-Rector for Science at Qarshi National University. Mr Zaitov thanked the hosts for their openness and benevolence, emphasising the Uzbek Embassy's readiness to assist in establishing closer ties between BNRU and universities in Uzbekistan. He went on to talk about the large-scale modernisation of educational institutions being conducted on the initiative of President Mirziyoyev. Under-secretary Mamatkulov added that the strengthening of ties with Russian universities is one of the goals of Uzbek educational reform. More than 200 Uzbek students are currently studying our university.

Those present discussed deeper cooperation on academic exchange for students and teachers, and the implementation of joint educational programs and scientific research. They also spoke about the need to create centres for teaching Russian as a foreign language in Uzbekistan, which would allow young people to learn the language skills necessary for successful study in Russia. Professor Oleg Polukhin,
Rector of BNRU, expressed his hope that these negotiations will bear fruit in the near future.

The meeting with the delegation of China was just as fruitful. Professor Marina Vladyka, Director of the Institute of Economics, and Dr Elena Kamshenchenko, the Head of the Institute's Department for Global Economics, met with Under-Secretary Wang Hui, of the Chinese Embassy, and Tan Defen, Under-secretary at the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy, as well as Dezhou University's Rector Professor Zhao Shenqun and Du Yali, the head of the Department for International Affairs.

Professor Polukhin noted that BNRU's cooperation with Chinese universities is developing successfully in all areas. To date, BNRU has concluded agreements on cooperation with seven universities in China, which have resulted in a number of joint educational programs and much academic exchange. The China University of Petroleum at Qingdao and Dezhou State University now have Russian Language Centres, where the staff are taught by BNRU language teachers.
Under-secretary Wang thanked the Rector for a warm and friendly reception, and said that she would like to see more Chinese students in Belgorod, saying Our students feel at home in BNRU. They are very well cared for here and given a good education. Under-secretary Wang and Professor Zhao assured those present that they would fully support the new Centre for Chinese Language and Culture, which will open in September. Our Chinese colleagues plan to send a teacher to Belgorod and provide the new Centre with linguistic equipment, all necessary literature and teaching aids.

Professor Polukhin thanked our visitors for coming to our University and attending the Forum, and for their constructive proposals. He expressed his confidence that these meetings will help deepen our cooperation.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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