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A 7th Year for the 'Pegasus' School of Project Management

BNRU's Media Centre hosted a press conference by 'Interfax' announcing the commencement.

Participants were welcomed by Professor Viktor Zakharov, Director of the Institute of Management, Natalia Govorukha, the Executive Director of the Higher School of Management, and Maxim Semibratsky, Head of the Project Management Centre.

The School will start on 26th June at BNRU, with support from the Intergovernmental Foundation for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS member states. Its main goal is to promote education relevant to the preparation and development of entrepreneurial ideas, and to assist students with their projects.

Professor Zakharov reported on the tasks that faced project participants, noting the qualitative improvement of the submitted projects. He noted that Pegasus is expanding geographically, attracting participants and experts from different parts of Russia, CIS countries, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. This year the School will be visited by students from the Dutch Kingdom of Aruba. Professor Zakharov spoke to this, saying,

The importance of this project is not necessarily the result. Pegasus is a school, its main purpose is educational activity. Of course, we should try to showcase projects among our partners.

Participants of the School will meet with past winners of Pegasus, who successfully realised their project ideas, and with leading specialists from different fields of endeavour. Other partners of the Pegasus project include Belgorod City Youth Policy Directorate, PJSC Sberbank, Head Hunter, the Project Management Evaluation and Development Centre, the EFKO Group of Companies, and Project Practice. Winners will be rewarded with prizes and will have the opportunity to serve internships in some the largest companies in Russia.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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