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The Equestrian Season Opens

BNRU students dominated season-opening competitions in Dressage and Show-jumping, organised by the University Trade Union

The 115th anniversary of the University Trade Union was marked by the opening equestrian event of the season. BNRU's Equestrian Training School (ETS) confirmed their status as favourites by winning many medals in different categories in both Show-jumping and Dressage.

In the 60cm Course for Débutantes, ETS occupied all three steps of the podium, with Anna Travkina taking gold on her horse Gambit, silver going to Sofia Kostrykin, and Polina Gomon picking up a bronze.
In the 80cm Course for Intermediates, Elizaveta Koneeva, from the Belgorod State Agricultural College, won gold on her horse Lexus. ETS took the other two spots with silver going to Valeriya Rusinova, and Daria Sterleva securing a bronze.

In the 1m 'Royal' Course Ksenia Martseva won gold for ETS on her horse Pankration, and Yulia Filippenko secured silver, also for ETS.
The Elementary Dressage was dominated, once again, by ETS riders. Daria Ponomaryova won on her horse Lyric in her first competition. Valeria Rusinova and Eleonora Komartsova took 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

ETS picked up 1st and 3rd in the Category 'A' Dressage. Veronica Svechkar won on Pretoria, second went to Angelina Rudenko, representing the 'Golden Horseshoe Club', and third went to Alina Shabanina.
Category 'B' Dressage (for advanced riders) was, once again, dominated by ETS, with Olga Ryabinina, winning on her horse Domino, Veronica Chizhova and Yulia Kostromitskaya occupied the lower steps, in that order.
Valery Timofeev, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee, gave out the awards.

 Tatyana Antsiferova, photos by Margarita Bronnikova, BNRU Press Service Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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