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BNRU Teachers Among the Country's Best

Julia Grebenikova takes the top prize in the 2nd annual competition to find the Russian Federation's top newly qualified university teacher

The competition is run by Moscow State University's Centre for Development Strategy, as part of the 'Lomonosov' international science project, under the auspices of the Russian Union of Rectors. The competition is part of the program to improve the system for training young teachers in higher education, with a view to providing the Russian Federation with highly qualified young specialists in various sectors of the economy.

In the first round, participants were asked to prepare a presentation about their course, project or the technology they used. The qualifying round saw more than 400 entries from all the leading universities across the Federation. Of these, 85 finalists were invited to Moscow to participate in finals. Ms Grebenikova, a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Social Science and Mass Communication, presented her work on 'Socio-Cultural Design'. Roman Zinin, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, presented his project 'Professionalism in the Sectoral Training for Students in the Faculty of Journalism', within the framework of which he created 'Mint', a student advertising mini-office. In the final, participants were assessed on their presentation and moderation skills on a given subject, and then their delivery of a motivational lecture on their subject in the TED format. Ms Grebenikova won a brilliant first place, and Mr Zinin was awarded a Diploma of Merit.
Information provided by the Institute of Social Science and Mass Communication

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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