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Medics Graduate and Celebrate

359 medical students graduated in a ceremony conducted at the University's Medical College

The event was kicked off with a choreographic composition performed by the students. Then Professor Vladimir Kulikovsky, Director of the Medical Institute, formally opened the event, welcoming guests and staff, and awarding the Degrees, 33 of which came with Honours. He wished all the graduates good health, happiness and professional success in the future.

Professor Evgeny Krikun, Director of the Medical College, congratulated the specialists, awarding the graduates for their achievements in research and professional competitions. He was followed by Dr Larissa Pakhamova, the Deputy Director for Teaching and Education, who gave out awards for sports and cultural activities.

The graduates received certificates of secondary medical education qualifying them to become medical assistants, nurses, medical laboratory technicians, dental hygienists, midwives, pharmacists and physio-therapists.
In the room, which the students had decorated for the occasion, the teachers read a parting statement, saying,

Dear graduates! A medic cares about the most important and valuable thing a person possesses their health. Travel the path you have chosen, boldly, confidently and with honesty. On your way through this huge, beautiful and exciting world, do not forget your parents, to whom you owe your life, and do not forget all your teachers, who got you where you are today. Strive to do us proud, wherever you go. Love the planet and respect people, and be a positive force in the world.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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