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Diplomas for graduate students

At BNRU Center for Intercultural Communication more than 130 graduate students received diplomas on the completion of postgraduate study

Diplomas awarding ceremony has completed the graduation ceremony. Irina Shumakova, Head of the Training and Attestation of Scientific and Teaching Personnel Department, addressed the graduate students with a welcoming speech. She said that this is the second wave of graduate students who receive diplomas with the qualification Researcher. Teacher-researcher, and wished all graduates successful theses defendng. Deputy Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovation Activity of BNRU Andrey Peresypkin gave a congratulatory speech.

I wish you to find yourself in this life, make the most of your opportunities and achieve access. I, too, would like to thank you for choosing one of the best universities in Russia - BNRU. All the best to you!

The event was continued by the post-graduate students Anna Minasyan, Anna Zeynalbdyeva and Mohammed Sanka who told about things that helped them to cope with such a crucial task as preparing a thesis: assistance of the institute, teachers, scientific advisers and love for science.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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