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BNRU invites postgraduates

BNRU continues to accept documents for admission to postgraduate study

To date, more than 160 applications have been submitted from 140 entrants. Among the entrants the most popular directions this year were: IT and Computer Engineering, Economics, Linguistics and Literary Studies, Sociological Sciences and Law.

A new promising direction of training Photonics, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies was opened in the postgraduate study of BNRU this year, the educational program: Devices, systems and products for medical use. The field of professional activity of graduates who have mastered the post-graduate program includes studies of physical phenomena and regularities in the field of photonics, laser physics, wave optics, integral and fiber optics, nonlinear optics, optoelectronics, optical materials science, biomedical optics; engineering, aimed at the design, production and use of instruments and systems designed to obtain, record and process information on technical and biological objects; expert and organizational and management activities related to photonic devices and technologies; as well as pedagogical activity for the training of personnel with higher education in the development and application of photonic devices and technologies, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies.

Application for the correspondence form of training under contracts for the provision of paid educational services is opened until September 8.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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