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Belgorod business and the scientific community discussed the development of the country's financial market

Associate Professor of BNRU Natalia Bykanova took part in the videoconference on the presentation of the project The Main Directions of the Financial Market Development of the Russian Federation for the Period 2019-2021.

The main venue for the conference was the Central Bank of Russia's Central Office for the Central Federal District. Public discussions of the draft of this document are held in all regions of the country. Their goal is to take into account the opinion of all interested parties on proposed innovations in the financial sector. More than 600 participants - representatives of the authorities of the regions belonging to the Central Federal District, business unions and associations, scientists and university professors, managers and leading specialists of companies operating in the financial market took part in the teleconference.

Representatives of the economic development, finance and budgetary policy departments of the Belgorod region, the center of entrepreneurship and services of the Belgorod Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representatives of commercial banks, teachers and research staff of universities took part in the videoconference at the Belgorod area. Natalya Bykanova, Candidate of Economic Sciences, the assistant professor of the chair of finance, investments and innovations became the participant of the videoconference on behalf of BNRU.

The participants of the videoconference learned about Bank of Russias plans to conduct work in such areas as improving the effectiveness of corporate governance, introducing proportional regulation of financial organizations, developing behavioral supervision, and the institution of independent and professional audit.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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