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The second wave of lean projects development in BNRU

This year BNRU became one of the 10 pilot sites of the Lean Region project, initiated in the Belgorod Region in the framework of the federal project Lean Government in conjunction with the state corporation Rosatom

BNRU in the framework of the regional project launched its project Lean University. One of the key areas of the project is the introduction of lean technologies in scientific, educational and managerial activities. In the first seven internal micro-projects, 50 employees of the university took part. The other day the order of the rector approved 14 projects of the second wave, focused on system improvements.

Among these projects is the personal project of the rector, the heads of their projects were also all pro-rectors of the university. The projects are aimed at improvement of management processes, optimization of internal resources, improvement of the quality of services for external and internal consumers. The teams of the second wave projects consists of is more than 100 people. Thus, more than 150 employees are already included in the lean activity at the university. To ensure the effectiveness of this activity, a methodical support of project teams is organized in the university.

On August 15, a training seminar took place, in which pro-rectors of the university, heads of structural divisions of the university, members of project teams took part. During the seminar, Svetlana Gayvoronskaya, the head of the project office of the rector's staff, presented the methodology of mapping processes in lean projects to the university staff, demonstrated practical experience of mapping on the example of already implemented lean projects of the university and one of the organizations that is the pilot site of the regional project Lean Region".

During the discussion held within the framework of the seminar, participants discussed issues of interdepartmental cooperation in the implementation of lean projects and tasks for the near future, among which the main is the formation of an internal culture of lean management.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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