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Ethnopsychology in the center of attention

The first the educational stream in this academic year was dedicated to the psychology of intercultural differences

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor of the BNRU Age and Social Psychology Department BelSU Olga Panich delivered a lecture Psychology of Intercultural Differences. She spoke about the image of time and patterns of behavior of representatives of Western and Eastern cultures on the basis of the provisions of cultural studies and ethnic psychology, as well as examples from their own experience of communicating with foreigners.

Brought up in different cultures, people differ not only in their manner of speech and style characteristics of behavior, they perceive time, plan and dream in different ways. In the context of today, when different peoples are more closely interacting with each other, there is an increasing interest in the psychology of intercultural differences, the knowledge of which plays an important role in business and politics, - said Olga Panich.

According to the teacher, the knowledge of intercultural differences will allow us to more clearly understand the features of our culture, interact more effectively with representatives of another culture, avoid interethnic tension and can serve as a guide in the situation of ethnic conflicts.

The video of the lecture is available in the official Vkontakte group of BNRU.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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