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The 'Platform 31' Youth Development Program Returns

Students, staff and youth leaders convened at the Nezhegol Campus, to kick off this year's 'Platform 31' for the Central District. The program is aimed at developing the confidence and life skills of young people

The first day was a hectic one. Anna Alexeeva, from the AKIM Youth Training Centre started with team-building exercises for the participants, who came from Belgorod Region, St. Petersburg, Tula and Kalmykia. After this the students were split up according to their areas of interest.

The 'Student Self-Sufficiency' team benefited from the assistance of two youth leaders, Alena Niminskaya, from our own Youth Initiative Centre, and Anastasia Kolbina, from the 'Singress' Youth Educational Growth and Development program. They also had the opportunity to meet Valeriya Vilisova, the HR manager of the 'I'm a Professional' student Olympiad (and certified business coach), who spoke on 'Group Values'. The 'Student Action Group' team plunged straight into project management with Maria Sagun, a consultant from the Regional Youth Policy Department's Youth Activities Program. The 'Point of Growth' team received an insight into the success story of the entrepreneur Fyodor Zhernovoy, head of the 2do2go Internet project. After this, the students sat down for the 'Dialogue of Equals' Q&A with Albina Buchek, head of the Regional Department of Internal and Personnel Policy's Department for Professional Education and Science.
The formal opening of the Forum took place at six in the evening, and was addressed by Ms Buchek, whose speech underlined the potential inside each of the students. Dr Svetlana Ostrikova, BNRU's Vice-Rector for Cultural and Educational Affairs, told the students about important events ahead, and reminded them that they, the current volunteers and activists, are the successors of proud Komsomol traditions.
'Platform 31' has four themed areas of activity: Student Self-Sufficiency; Student Action Groups; Personnel involved in State Youth Policy; and Youth Entrepreneurship (The Point of Growth program). A bespoke educational program has been developed that corresponds to the particular goals linked to those themes. The program includes lectures, training, and master classes delivered by state employed youth leaders and teachers, as well as journalists and business consultants, and arranges meetings with VIPs and special guests.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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