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100 Years of the Regional Archive

Professor Evgeny Tonkov and Dr Marina Marcheim joined staff and academics for a celebration, and underlined the important role the archives play in the historical and legal life of the Region

Professor Tonkov, Dean of the Law Institute, and Dr Marcheim, who is Head of the Department of Constitutional and International Law, represented the University at the event, entitled 'The Belgorod Archives' Role in Preserving and Developing Regional Social and Cultural Values' marking the 100th anniversary of the National Archive Service. The conference was organised by the Belgorod Regional Archive Service (BRAS) and BNRU's Law Institute. In his address, Professor Tonkov outlined the role archives play in our culture, saying,
Archival documents remind us that legal rights are not arbitrary, even when political expediency demands it, as our history has shown us many times. At its best, a creative state raises society to greater and more rapid advances. Under the right conditions, archives can integrate new ideas into existing society, give cultural precedent, illuminate the most effective exit from a problematic situation, and provide the basis for new cultural institutions.

After the event, Professor Tonkov met with Pavel Subbotin, Head of BRAS, and his Deputy, Dr Vladimir Yevtushenko, and they signed a preliminary agreement on opening a Magistracy, where archivists and academics could work side-by-side.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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