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Antarctic Alumni Grips Geology Students

Dr Andrei Dolgikh returned to BNRU, whence he graduated in 2006, to deliver a lecture on the 'Oasis Landscapes in East Antarctica'

Dr Dolgikh is a research fellow at the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Geography, and divides his time between studying soil in our Region, and Antarctica. This year he returns there for his fifth visit. In his lecture, he introduced the audience to the unique beauty of the sixth continent, and spoke in some detail about the formation of 'oasis landscapes'. With his colleagues, Dr Dolgikh has identified soil-like bodies among the rocks. It is believed likely that these soils are the last examples of what soil was like in a time uncontaminated by biological systems. At the end of the lecture he conducted a Q&A, during which he said that he believed that it was entirely possible that an BNRU Geology undergraduate might one day have similar opportunities.

 Earth Sciences Department Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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