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The 'Year of the Volunteer' in Review

An event was held at BNRU's Centre for Civil and Patriotic Education, to celebrate our University's participation in the signature campaign of 2018

The Year of the Volunteer was sponsored by the office of the President of the Russian Federation, as a way of promoting community and highlighting the power of collective action. BNRU launched its program on the 25th January, and drew participation from students and staff throughout the year. Students from the Institute of Engineering and Digital Technology, the Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communication's Faculty of Journalism, and the Medical Institute were on hand to take part in the celebration, which was led by the 'Warm Hearts' and the 'Living Environment' student volunteer associations. Those present heard from the staff of the Science Library, who offered insights into psychology and motivation for volunteering.

Dmitry Kisilenko, head of the Centre for Youth Initiatives' Regional Volunteering Resource Centre, broke down the 11 months of activity to date, including the generation and development of voluntary activities in Belgorod Region, priority areas, and the major events put on by volunteers, saying,

Over the past five years, the attitude of society towards volunteers has changed dramatically, from rejection to recognition. Today, about 20% of the population of Belgorod Region is involved in volunteering.
Sergei Gritsenko gave an account of the activities of the 'Volunteers for Victory' Belgorod Regional branch. Those present also heard from the volunteer themselves. They described their work, and spoke to the benefits volunteering brings, such as the acquisition of skills that may be necessary in their future professional life, travel opportunities, new friendships, and new experiences that they would never have encountered in their ordinary routine. Volunteers were given keepsakes as souvenirs of their year's endeavours.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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