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Belgorod State University Hosts a Very Thoughtful Conference

The conference on 'Contemporary Issues Around Hermeneutic Tradition in Russia' involved three Russian universities, a national magazine and special guest speakers, including a visiting Professor from the USA

The three universities were Belgorod State University, Moscow State University (MSU), and the Russian State Pedagogical University (RSPU). The magazine was 'Issues of Philosophy'. The conference's main venue was the BelSU's 'Strakhov' Library & Museum, with some guests joining via the internet. Our University was well-represented with Professor Victor Rimsky, Professor Elena Motovnikova, Dr Sergei Borisov, Dr Tamara Lipich and Dr Pavel Olkhov, all of them from the Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communications. They were joined by visiting Professor John Burgess, of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Eminent guest speakers included Boris Pruzhinin, Editor of 'Issues in Philosophy', Professor Vladimir Mironov, Dean of MSU's Faculty of Philosophy, Dr Roman Svetlov, Director of the RSPU's Institute of Human Philosophy, and his colleague Dr Ilya Dokuchaev, Head of the RSPU's Cultural History Department.

Hermaneutics is the study of methods of the accurate interpretation of any expressed human thought, and has its origins in ancient attempts at trying to accurately describe the intentions of ancient gods through any earthly evidence. Modern Hermaneutics has its roots in the humanism of the middle of the 15th century, centred on biblical interpretation, and culminated in the 20th century with the philosophy of Martin Heidegger.

This conference focused on the Russian experience, and puts BNRU in the forefront of this educational movement. Our University has has sought to unite associated academic disciplines within a 'Practical Philosophy Studio', which will serve as a central hub for research, conferencing and learning-based activities. Guests were able to chat with Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of Belgorod State University, about plans for further cooperation in philosophical projects, and raised the possibility of engaging the Methodological Council of the Russian Academy of Education, with a view to modernising approaches to teaching throughout the country.

 V Nefyodova and O Fastovsky Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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