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National Teaching Congress Honours Medical Institute

The 12th annual 'Global Education Education Without Limits' Congress in Moscow, saw Belgorod State University recognised for our achievements among some distinguished company

Olga Vasilyeva, the Russian Minister of Enlightenment, used the congress to announce the latest campaign in the government's somewhat unimaginatively titled 'Education' Federal program. 2019 will mark the start of the 'Young Professionals Increasing Competition in Vocational Education' project. In her speech, the minister revealed the government's plans to reorganise secondary education over the next six years. She explained,

We are talking about creating fundamentally new structures. This will include 100 centres for advanced professional training, which will provide more flexible courses in tune with a modern economy, and provide training and certification for all of our pupils and students in new and more relevant skills.

Our own Professor Ilya Isaev, from the Pedagogical Institute, gave a presentation on the 'Integrative Model for Professional Education in Secondary Vocational Education', which was well received by Dr Natalya Garkusha, Director of the State University Finance Agency, and Professor Lyudmila Podymova, Head of the Department of Educational Psychology at Moscow State Pedagogical University. The report gave a valuable insight into the viability of the proposed model.

Our Medical Institute, along with the Yakovlevsky Teachers College, won recognition for their entries in the Federally sponsored National Competition for Professional Educational Achievement. The competition was run through the last quarter of this year to find out some practical ways to modernise education. The prize was awarded for the Region's 'Best Model for Professional Education.'

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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