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Academic Agreement with Egyptian University

Belgorod State University and the Delta University of Science and Technology have announced plans to work together in the near future, and develop joint research and study programs

Professor Yehia El-Mashad, President of Delta University, led a sizeable delegation to Belgorod State University, with the intention of visiting the University's facilities and meeting our staff and his counterpart, Professor Oleg Polukhin. The Rector gave an overview of our University, emphasising research where we are making a serious impact in science, including materials science and nanotechnology, radiation physics, and the pharmacology of living systems. He pointed to our rise in international rankings as proof of the quality of our work. Professor Polukhin mentioned that the 54 Egyptian students studying with us are the fifth largest group of foreign citizens on courses here. He spoke to the friendly relationship between our two countries, and hoped that this agreement on cooperation in pharmacology and dentistry, would see more Egyptian students joining us in future.

For his part, Professor El-Mashad thanked the Rector for his warm welcome, and gave his appreciative audience an introduction to his University, and spoke about the Russian students in Cairo, which offered a glimpse into a successful future of academic exchange. The plan is to develop joint diploma courses in pharmacology, dentistry and engineering, and foster research projects.

Accompanying Professor El-Mashad was Professor Hussein Ali Motaweh, Vice-Principle of Damanhour University, who studied in Moscow, and was looking to generate interest in work going on at the El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant, and attract future specialists. It is hoped that this marks the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between our two universities.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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