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Big Plans for Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Decision-makers and experts convened a meeting at Belgorod State University to announce the future direction of expansion for the Institute of Pharmacology, Chemistry and Biology up to 2022

Professor Irina Spichak, Head of the Institute, announced the plans alongside Oksana Mantulina, owner of the 'Discount Pharmacy' company and the government's Regional Chair of the Pharmaceutical Accreditation Commission, to the Academic Council on Strategy. Professor Spichak gave details of the further integration of separate departments with a view to developing research, in line with the commercial plans outlined by the Rector. The Institute has already tailored its courses to suit the needs of the local job market, and the plans included further progress in this area, with internships and programs involving local businesses. It is hoped that this will smooth the transition from university to career for their students.

Vladimir Bredikhin, Director of 'Belgorod Institute for Alternative Energy' PLC, commented that the University had already set up successful laboratories that were working with local businesses, under contract, and with R&D programs. The labs have also helped to secure extra funding through grants. The Council approved the program, which is in line with their stated goal of increasing the number of income streams for the University.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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