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Student's Day Celebration

Belgorod State University celebrated 25th January in style, looking back on the 'Year of the Volunteer' and holding fun events

The morning was spent in competition for some of our students, with the Khorkina Sports Centre hosting a number of sports events. After lunch, the Youth Cultural Centre held exhibitions, demonstrations of exciting new ideas in technology, board games, and one-off classes. There was even a flash-mob and karaoke. Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of the University, appeared unexpectedly and handed out gingerbread.

At the closing concert, which featured dancing and skits, the Rector addressed the students. He remarked that the close of the 'Year of the Volunteer' coinciding with Student's Day was particularly apt, as our University has the largest and most active group of volunteers in the Region, if taken collectively. He said,

To be students of Belgorod State University, is to be proud. Proud because you are not only successful in your studies, but you are active in your community, whether participating in sports, working in local businesses, or volunteering to help those less fortunate than yourselves. Your kind-heartedness touched all those with whom you came into contact. The Region and the city are always in need of a helping hand now and again, and I was particularly happy to see foreign students getting involved this year. The one thing you all have in common, is your willingness to direct you boundless energy at helping those in need. This work is instrumental in making our society grow together and improve.

The Rector then handed out bunches of 'January' lilacs to 3 of the 62 students recognised for their help in organising the year's events. The 3 young ladies were all Tatianas, and the 25th January happens to also be their name day. The Rector hoped that this would be part of a tradition in the future.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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