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Chemistry Show for School Students

80 students from our Region's schools were treated to a show by the staff and students of Belgorod State University's Institute of Chemistry, Biology and Pharmacology, and there were special guests...

None other than Sherlock Holmes and Aladdins friend, Genie arrived to assist the students and staff of the Institute with their show. The kids were wowed with seemingly magical, but seriously scientific, tricks. These included Mr Holmes testing food, burning things on invisible flames, and making chemical volcanoes. The Genie made it rain gold, created multicoloured foam, and some of the teens made slime. There were also sweets, but they were most likely from a local shop.

The show had a serious side, however. All the kids were in the middle of deciding which subjects to take, and this was a demonstration of the fun and value in studying science at our University. The staff had a Q&A at the end of the show, and the students answered questions about university life. There was also discussion about the exciting research being conducted at the Institute and throughout the University.

Meanwhile the younger children were having fun at our Engineering School, which provides resources for schoolchildren in Belgorod to study science in state-of-the-art classrooms.

 Dr Lyudmila Deineka, General Chemistry Department Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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