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National Teaching Conference

Belgorod State University hosted a two-day conference called 'Teachers of Russia: Innovations in Education' at the Pedagogical Institute's Pedagogy Department

The conference had something for every level of education, from pre-school to higher education. There was a heavy focus on reforming pre-school learning to include a greater emphasis on creative activities. There was also a good deal of time devoted to educational management. Dr Natalia Shekhovskaya gave a lecture on vocational education, and the role the University is playing in the move away from thematic education into more specific courses, in our Region. The lecture was part of the 'Professional of the Future' program. She also presented the results of a competition organised by the University in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, called 'How Best to Deliver Vocational Education', which aimed to draw ideas from teachers on the future direction the Ministry should take.
After hearing from Professor Ilya Isaev, who gave an overview of the sector, participants heard from Dr Elena Eroshenkova, whose theme concerned Teacher Development Training. The Institute has a Centre devoted to studying and supporting teachers throughout their career, called 'Resource'. She talked about its intentions and role in continually modernising teachers' methods after they leave college.

In a letter, the Director of 'Teachers of Russia', Dr Veronika Pidzhakova, thanked Professor Oleg Polukhin, the Rector of the University, for his personal support in making the conference happen, and hoped that this would be the start of a long-standing relationship.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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