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Fighting Stress

Belgorod State University was the venue for a seminar organised by the 'Faith' Social Care Centre, bringing workers from 17 Regional charities together to talk about stress. The event was sponsored by the Presidential Grant Foundation

The workshops were held at the Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communications, and drew participation from the Regional branch of the Federal Internal and Personnel Policy, in the form of Chair Alexander Telnov, who was instrumental in making the event happen. Words of encouragement and thanks were delivered by Leniza Umerkina, Chair of 'Faith', and Dr Sergei Borisov, Director of the host Institute.
Then it was down to work, with a program devised and conducted by our colleagues Professor Olga Volkova, and Dr Irina Svishcheva, who divulged techniques for developing resistance to stress, and increasing overall performance and endurance. They went on to give tips on how to recover from stressful situations, and how to maintain equilibrium in your emotional and physical condition. The lessons were planned in order that they could be easily be passed on by those present to their colleagues. The day was broken down into three sections. The first was the definition of 'stress' and how to identify burnout, the second section was devoted to stress management, and the final section concerned resolving conflicts in the workplace that cause stress to accumulate.

The day ended with certificates, and an offer of free individual consultations for participants by the University until the end of April.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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