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Conference in Azerbaijan

Dr Elena Stryabkova led a team from Belgorod State University to Baku, to participate in a conference on sustainable development hosted by our partner Azerbaijan State University of Economics (ASUE)

Dr Stryabkova and her two colleagues Dr Irina Chistnikova and Senior Research Fellow Yulia Lyschikova, work at our University's Department of Economics and Production Processes. They were invited to present their reports at the 37th 'Social and Economic Issues in Sustainable Development' conference, as part of our University's continuing efforts to create active partnerships with other universities in countries around the world. The event was hosted by ASUE, and sponsored by the Centre for Economic and Social Development, an Azeri think tank and NGO. The conference is the premier event for anyone associated with the Azeri economy, and is therefore attended by politicians, businessmen, government economists and academics of many stripes. This is the conference that shapes the economic policies of Azerbaijan.

Our team's 7 reports were among 200 presented by economists from 16 countries. Dr Stryabkova teamed up with Professor Muslim Ibrahimov, Chair of ASUE's Economics Department, to moderate a meeting on Natural Resource Management. The meeting included considering findings of papers written in such diverse countries as Portugal, Latvia, Mexico, Germany, and the UK.

Dr Stryabkova's team also had an opportunity to sit down with their opposite numbers at ASUE, to work out the details of future academic exchanges, and joint educational programs. The aim is to use the internet to offer simulcast interactive lectures, establish exchange programs, and to engage in Erasmus+ programs together.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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