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Live-Streamed Lecture on Stress

Belgorod State University's Media Centre was the venue for a lecture by Dr Olga Kovaleva, on the psychological and physiological impact of stress, watched by 20,000 people

The lecture was part of the #@minprosvet series of online educational services designed to raise the level of academic standards across the Russian Federation. Dr Kovaleva's lecture was titled 'Neurological and Psychological Mechanism in the Development of Stress, and the General Characteristics of Stress in Psychology and Physiology.' She spoke in her capacity as a clinical psychologist and an Associate Professor at our Pedagogical Institute.

The lecture was an introduction for students learning about stress and its role in psychosomatic disorders, and the pathology of the problem. Dr Kovaleva, who is an expert on human adaptation to stress, pointed towards studies showing how a maladaptive response to stress may lead to lower vitality. She indicated that the various factors that effect an individual's physical reaction are dictated by their personal qualities, their assessment of the situation, emotional stability, and motivation. She touched on the difficulties involved in the study of stress and suggested further reading.

The lecture drew viewers from across the Russian speaking world, including Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and even Turkey. If you missed the broadcast, it is available on our VK page.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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