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Belgorod Regional Research and Education Centre

In February, President Putin announced the establishment of five Regional Research and Education Centres (REC) across the Federation. Belgorod State University has been designated the coordinating hub for our Region, which will take a share of the ₽636 billion (8.7 billion) allocated to the whole project

This major investment in science, education and advanced industry will be led by Regional Governors. Our own Evgeny Savchenko will organise our efforts to improve agricultural technology and output in this Region, with our University as the hub. We will cooperate with Belgorod State Technological University and Belgorod State Agricultural University, and we will all receive guidance from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Among the major food companies earmarked for participation are the EFKO Group, the Agro-Belogorie Group, Prioskolye, and the No. 1 Feed Mix Plant. The project is designed to develop new techniques, methods, and products that meet commercial needs, and the strategic needs of the Russian Federation. The funds will be focused on activities in five areas:
Selection and genetic research, cell technology and animal and plant genetic engineering
Digital transformation in the agricultural industry, and resource-saving technology

Technology involved in food safety throughout the production, storage and processing of agricultural products
Training and additional professional education for agricultural sector personnel

The Rector of our University, Professor Oleg Polukhin, is very happy with this project, commenting,

The creation of this REC is a logical continuation of the efforts of Belgorod's Regional government to develop the Region as a centre for innovation, and a leader in the agricultural sector. Our university will integrate the participants, and facilitate research and development in cooperation with partner enterprises. We will also train personnel for the industry, and this means reviewing many of our programs, which we have already begun to do. These efforts will be designed to prepare specialists with world-class competencies coupled with a profound understanding of science. Thus, scientific research should act as a catalyst for innovation in the agriculture industry.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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