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Eurasian Higher Education Conference

Dr Ekaterina Kobzeva, a colleague from Belgorod State University's International Cooperation Department, represented the University at the 8th Eurasian Higher Education Conference in Moscow

The Russian State University of Management hosted this major conference, which links universities with recruiting companies from countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Sweden, China, Switzerland, Brazil, Morocco Germany and the UK. Dr Kobzeva attended seminars on working with recruiting companies, joint educational programs, inter-university cooperation, and promotion of the university's brand using advertising on Facebook and Google AdWords. The second half of the conference was devoted to establishing valuable contacts. Our colleague met with the Russo-German Begin Group, the Swiss Business & Hotel Management School, British Study Centres Worldwide, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, and the Vellore Institute of Technology from Tamil Nadu in India.
Dr Kobzeva had these meetings with a view to setting up exchange programs, summer schools, and internships.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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