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The 'Expert' data analysis centre has published its findings for the last academic year. Belgorod State University has risen in the Russian rankings

Expert divide their statistical analysis into two main areas, academic publications, and patents. They also provide analysis of specific subjects, including Metallurgy (a popular area of research in Russian higher education (HE)), Artificial Intelligence, and Biochemistry. They were able to demonstrate continuing investment in fundamental science across the Federation. 125 universities from 44 cities qualified for a ranking in at least one subject, up from 105 and 37 respectively, in last years figures. More HE institutions have appeared in more than one ranking, 43, up from 38 in 2018. There are 7 universities represented in all 14 ranking categories, with our University featuring in 4 main categories. We have increased our standing in Engineering up to 11th from 16th, maintained our position in Material Science at 13th, and dropped 5 places in Social Sciences to 29th. We have appeared in the Humanities rating for the first time, going in at 19th.
In the specific subjects under scrutiny, we were ranked 29th for Biochemistry, and 4th in Metallurgy, which continues to be our area of excellence. Overall, we placed 23rd out of 90 universities across the Federation, the same as last year, although there was a general improvement in quality at our University.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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