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Presidential Funding for Young Scientists

8 projects led by postgraduates scientists at Belgorod State University have been given funding by the Presidential Research Project Foundation

The Foundation was set up in 2017 by President Putin himself, as a way of encouraging scientists under 35 to stay on at university and produce innovations which will help the economy. There are two categories of awards. The first is for individual scientists, called the 'Initiative' award, and the second is for 'Research Groups' led by postgraduates. This year, our University made 45 applications to the Foundation. Last year the Foundation awarded up to ₽2 million (28,000) each for 494 Initiative projects, and up to ₽5 million (70,000) each for 340 Research Groups. This year, the Foundation's focus was on energy conservation, digital technology, and personalised medicine.

Our worthy eight are: A E Fedoseeva for her work on developing hard wearing steel for use in heating plants; O V Galtsev for his work on mathematically modelling oil well bore-holes; D O Poletaev for his work modelling the molecular structure of metals; E A Piluk for his work on detecting minute levels of radiation; M I Gazizova for her work using lasers to tool thin titanium coatings on metal; R V Mishnev for his work on heat resistant steel alloys; M V Zhidkov for his project on reinforcing titanium alloys with lasers; and I S Zuyko for work on aluminium-copper alloys treated with magnesium.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing


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